Foundation Registered Unit Standard: Diploma NQF Level 5

Registered Unit Standards for Diploma NQF Level 5
SAQA ID Unit Standard Title
Core 110024 Plan, Organise, Implement and Monitor Work within the Payroll environment
Core 109994 Ascertain Gross Pay
Core 109995 Complete Year End Procedures
Core 110008 Determine individual and aggregate payments
Core 10054 Identify and manage areas of customer service impact
Core 11909 Monitor and advise on substantive conditions of employment and related rights and obligations in an organisation
Core 110033 Process redundancy documents
Core 12891 Apply concepts and principles of business ethics in the professional environment
Core 12935 Recognise, measure, classify and record financial and non-financial data
Fundamental 14522 Analyse and explain the impact of one`s personal interactive style on one`s relationship with a client
Fundamental 8647 Apply workplace communication skills
Fundamental 10053 Manage customer requirements and needs and implement action plans
Fundamental 14525 Present an informed argument on a current issue in a business sector
Fundamental 12998 Produce spreadsheets using accounting related information technology
Elective 10137 Conduct project documentation management to support project processes
Elective 10980 Induct a new employee
Elective 11473 Manage individual and team performance
Elective 10143 Monitor, evaluate and communicate project schedules
Elective 10136 Plan, organise and support project meetings and workshops
Elective 110025 Process data using information technology
Elective 10133 Schedule project activities to facilitate effective project execution
Elective 10171 Manage the capture, storage and retrieval of human resources information using an information system
Elective 11906 Manage the design, development and review of a human resource information system
Elective 12140 Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions
Elective 12138 Conduct an organisational needs analysis