National Diploma in Payroll Administration Services (NQF Level 5, SAQA ID: 67229)

Payroll Education is proud to have introduced the first nationally recognized full payroll qualification at this level.

Achieving the National Diploma in Payroll Administration is recognised by employers and colleagues as being proof of an individual’s payroll professionalism.  The highlight of the year is attending the Awards Ceremony and seeing the pride which achievement of this prestigious qualification brings about.

This year sees us looking forward to our  intake of students.  We are delighted to see the growth in numbers of students undertaking the diploma. We do hope that you can take part in our Diploma qualification in the year ahead which will help you achieve new levels of professionalism and personal achievement.

We wish you all every success for the coming year.


Benefits of Enrolling

The National Diploma in Payroll Administration Qualification give employees and employers benchmarks by which to judge the skills and progress of people in payroll. Employees and employers benefit by a series of ‘stepping stone’ qualifications designed to improve and monitor individual’s professionalism.

Benefits to Employees
  • Developing your payroll skills
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Gain professional recognition status
  • Gain knowledge and confidence
Benefits to Employers
  • Improved the payroll service in your organisation
  • Develop the potential of your employees
  • Recognise your employees’ experience and status
  • Reduce the potential for penalties from SARS and other government agencies
  • Payroll Education has been accredited by the services SETA. Course cost paid by the employers can be claimed by the employer via the Levy Grant System through their relevant SETA. For more information regarding the claims contact your training department.
What Qualification Will You Obtain?

After two years successful study covering 11 modules, you will be awarded the National Diploma in Payroll Administration.

Awards Ceremony

As is only fitting for a course of this calibre and in recognition of all of the hard work and dedication put in by students to successfully complete the course, all graduates are invited to a formal Awards Ceremony, which is held early in the next year following the course completion.

Course Outline

The course is structured in consideration of people in full time employment, giving them enough time to complete the assignments after their workshop.

The course is designed by PAYROLL EDUCATION with relevant Government and Legal aspects covered. It covers the entire spectrum from payroll principles to payroll practice. It is divided into two parts, each being one academic study year. The course is structured to allow continual assessment; there are written knowledge and skills questionnaires and assignments each year. No formal classroom examinations are used for the assessment of students.

Registered Unit Standards For Diploma NQF Level 5

Part l

The first year covers the contractual aspects of payroll administration including both internal and external obligations, analysis of payroll systems and practices, plus the assessment of pay, benefits and deductions. Part one also covers manual calculation of aspects of pay such as Income Tax, Unemployment Insurance and Compensation for Occupational Injuries & Diseases.

Part 2

The second year examines the principles and techniques of payroll management. This includes modules on supervision and management, recruitment, communication, motivation and job satisfaction. Year two also interprets and applies the rules and regulations in payrolling and introduces the key factors for providing effective and efficient administration.

Comprehensive study and support materials are supplied which include:

Part l

  • 4 x 5 hour Saturday Workshops
  • Written knowledge and skills questionnaires & assignments
  • Helpline support
  • Course timetable
  • Student study guide

Part 2

  • 4 x 5 hour Saturday Workshops
  • Assignments
  • Helpline support
  • Student study guide
  • Course timetable
Who Is The Diploma Designed For?

The Diploma is designed for:

  • Anyone involved with payroll wishing to gain professional recognition through a full qualification
  • Those with payroll experience wishing to translate that experience into a qualification
  • Those qualified in an allied discipline wishing to become proficient in payroll management
How Is The Course Structured?

We recognise the commitment expected of payroll professionals by the industry today. This high level of expectation is acknowledged in the two years for our Diploma qualification.

Course Manuals

The course manuals are made up of a set of specially written booklets, which cover each topic in depth.

What support will I receive?

Adequate support is essential when undertaking a course such as the Diploma and for this reason each student is allocated a personal facilitator.

Personal Facilitator

All facilitators are selected for their experience as managers within the payroll profession and have also successfully completed the Diploma themselves. Your facilitator will be available at all times throughout the course to advise and guide you. An assessor will also provide you with detailed feedback on all of your assignments.

Tutorial Workshops

Alongside this individual support, your facilitator will also provide four 5-hour group workshops in the first year and four in the second year where you will be able to discuss each assignment along with any difficulties you are having. These workshops are considered an essential part of your study year. These workshops will provide you with the opportunity to discuss any problems and exchange views with other payroll people. The workshops will take place on Saturday mornings and will be arranged via Payroll Education.


In addition to the facilitator support, as part of your student membership you are entitled to use the Helpline via telephone or email, which provides comprehensive assistance within office hours for both general queries and specific technical matters.

How To Enrol On The Programme

There are no formal entrance qualifications although due to the advanced level of this qualification a selection panel assesses all applications to check candidates’ suitability. You must be over 18 years of age.

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The complete cost of Part 1 study includes:

  • All Study material
  • Guidance material on how to study effectively
  • Allocation of a personal facilitator who will offer assistance, guidance and feedback whenever needed throughout the course
  • 4 x 5 hour workshops enabling any difficulties to be discussed and overcome face to face
  • Comprehensive Helpline assistance within office hours which provides assistance for general queries and advice on specific technical matters
  • Assessment and Moderation

The complete cost of Part 2 includes:

  • All of year one
  • Certification

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Once you have applied

Upon receipt of your application you will be notified of your acceptance within 10 working days. An invoice for the amount due will then be forwarded. This must be paid before the course material can be despatched. We regret that we are unable to refund fees once material has been despatched.

The first workshop will be an induction of study manuals to students which will be held at the start of your study year.

Payroll Education has been fully accredited by the SERVICES SETA. Course costs paid by employers can be claimed by can be claimed by the employer via the levy grant system through their relevant Seta. For more information regarding claims contact your training department.

If you have any questions or need any assistance regarding the National Diploma in Payroll Administration, please contact the Payroll Education office.

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